Printavo updates
Printavo updates

Bug Fixes and Improvements



  • Fixed a validation that would cause a Merch Store to fail creation when the product description exceeded 254 characters
  • Fixed a limit that would not show the full order history
  • Improved the SanMar catalog importer to flag discontinued products from being shown
  • Fixed a bug that prevented production file images from rendering a preview while editing a quote/invoice

Bug Fixes and Improvements



  • Removed the i icon for pricing information when printing a quote/invoice
  • Added a validation so a only a successfully created Merch store can be turned Live
  • Added a validation so a Payment Term's Days can not be updated once added to a Quote/Invoice to prevent an invalid quote/invoice
  • Allow for the same Merch product Item # across multiple Merch stores but not the same Merch store
  • Fixed a bug when setting the Invoice Seed and the next quote/invoice Invoice #

Bug Fixes and Improvements



  • Fixed a bug on Merch that would stop a price update from saving
  • Updated Merch store to not be visible if still Pending a successful store generation
  • Updated the Email customer their public profile to be from the customer owner's email and not the account owner's email

Updated Mockup Image Rendering




Mockups/Images have been updated to a new modal that allows for zooming in and downloading on the Quote/Invoice and public quote/invoice view.

Screen Recording 2021-10-18 at 08.56 AM.gif

New Quote/Invoice History Activities




In order to increase transparency to who did what when on a Quote/Invoice, new activities have been added to the History as well as the Account Activity page.

  • Activity that was triggered by an automation now have a via automation label with a tooltip of the automation name.

Image 2021-10-18 at 8.16.06 AM.png

  • Increased transparency to who received the email. If the customer's email is in the To: field of an email then it will say sent to the customer otherwise a list of the emails in the To: field such as in an automation email.

Image 2021-10-18 at 8.20.38 AM.png

  • Declined approvals now show an email modal for the reason as well as who declined it when.

Image 2021-10-18 at 8.15.02 AM.png

Updated Account Activity Page




The Account Activity page has been updated to show a paginated chronological list of all recorded actions across Quotes, Invoices, Payments, Approvals and POs that mirrors what is displayed on each Quote/Invoice/Purchase Order History.

Clicking the Bell Icon in the top navbar will render the Account Activity page.

Image 2021-10-18 at 8.09.37 AM.png

To see more activity simply click the Next button to begin paginating through the account activity.

New Activity Tracked

  • Who and when a Quote/Invoice was deleted.

Image 2021-10-18 at 8.14.21 AM.png

  • Who and when a PO was deleted, created or changed.

Image 2021-10-18 at 8.39.23 AM.png

Allow for setting default visibility of the Markup % column





Not every shop needs the Markup % to be visible on every Line Item Group and/or sometimes the custom product has the markup built into the price so overriding the Markup % is unnecessary.

Super Admin users can now set the Markup % column to be hidden instead of visible by default on a new Line Item Group in My Account > Customize Your Line Items.

Unchecking/checking default visibility does NOT effect existing Line Item Groups.

Image 2021-10-03 at 8.41.44 PM.png

Show/Hide per Line Item Group Just like the other size option columns the Markup % can be checked to show/hide per Line Item Group.

Image 2021-10-03 at 8.43.47 PM.png

Dragging a Line Item with a custom Markup % value will render the column visible on a Line Item Group that has a default hidden Markup % column and an Imprint with a Pricing Matrix applied.

Allow for $0.00 or greater Merch Product Price





Previously Merch products required a minimum price of at least $1.00 but this was limiting for items such as stickers, promo products, or company store products which would require the customer to use a 100% coupon to checkout for free when the company is being invoiced for all of the Merch Orders.

$0.00 or greater is now allowed for Merch product prices when generating a Merch store from a Quote/Invoice or manually adding/editing a product in Merch.

Image 2021-10-03 at 8.26.56 PM.png

Unformatted Shipping Label





Not all shipping carriers have the same 4x6 label format and require another size to be printed so shipping labels now have an Unformatted Label link.

Under a Quote/Invoice > More Actions click on the text file icon to the right of the Tracking label to view an unformatted .png version of the shipping label.

Image 2021-10-03 at 8.00.38 PM.png


Image 2021-10-03 at 8.06.50 PM.png

Bug Fixes and Improvements





  • Fixed an issue that would print a second blank 4x6 shipping label
  • Updated the copy on the Quickbooks Online customer import page to better explain how to import your customers from the 3 different options.
  • If a Merch store is still Pending a successful store generation then:
    • A logged in Printavo user trying to visit the url or edit the store will now be redirected to the Merch store index page
    • A customer visiting the Merch store url will see the Merch store Closed page and not be able to purchase a product
  • Fixed an issue that would render an error page on a Merch Order if a user in the Merch Order History was deleted from the account